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Rules and Regulations FOR ADULT CAMP

Policies, Procedures, & Helpful Information

  • Signing In – Upon arrival, every guest must sign in at the Mabee Lodge.
  • Check in is from 5:00-10:00PM, unlessprevious arrangements have been made through the YMCA Camp Cullen Office.
  •  There must be an adult chaperone in each cabin.
  • Check Out – Check out begins at 9:00AM on the last day of your stay, unless previous arrangements have been made through the YMCA Camp Cullen Office
  •  Supervision – All minors require supervision at all times while on site at a ratio of 1 to 10.  YMCA Camp Cullen does not provide supervision of minors.
  •  Smoking – No smoking is permitted inside any building, including cabins. Please put all extinguished butts in a trash can.
  •  Parking – All vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas.
  •  YMCA Camp Cullen staff will be made available to assist with luggage.
  • Emergency Transport – All rental groups are required to bring at least one transport vehicle in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Campfires - Campfires are permitted in designated areas only. In dry weather Burn Bans may be activated. Please check with the YMCA Camp Cullen Office for more information. Please feel free to pick up any dead or downed wood around camp for your fire.
  • Cabins – We have established Cabin Rules to keep our facility nice for years to come. Please follow these rules at all times:
    • No food or drink is allowed in the cabin.
    • Keep the doors closed.
    • No fires are permitted near the cabins.
    • Never add accelerants to fires (All fires will be lit by YMCA Camp Cullen Staff) 
    • No pets are allowed in the cabins at any time, unless arranged with the YMCA Camp Cullen Office prior to arrival. 
    • Radios and other music devices are allowed, but please respect other guests and keep the volume low. 
    • Thermostats are locked and can only be changed by YMCA Camp Cullen Staff. 
    • No washing clothes or dishes inside the cabins. Laundry facilities are located in the back of each cabin. 
    • Wet clothes must be hung outside to dry or placed in dryer. Wet clothes cannot be left to dry inside cabins.
  • Phones – There is a phone in the Mabee Lodge kitchen and in the program office for the group leader to use in case of emergency. There is no long distance service on the phone, but emergency services can be contacted.
  • Hiking away from villages and established trails is not permitted after dark.
  • Activity Areas – Activities must be planned in advance at least 14 days prior to arrival. 
  • No one is allowed in an activity area without a YMCA Camp Cullen Staff member present. 
  • All camp activities will be run byYMCA Camp Cullen Staff members.
  • Horses – All riders must be 7 years of age or older and not over 250lbs. There is no doubling up at anytime. Please wear riding boots and long pants. Riders wearing improper apparel will not be allowed to participate.
  • Ropes – Anyone participating in Ropes Activities must have a signed waiver form.
  • Rock Quarry – No guests are allowed near the top edge of the rock quarry. All guests must remain in the bottom of the quarry.
  • Aquatics – No guests are permitted in the pool area or on any lakefront structures without YMCA CampCullen lifeguards and other aquatics personnel present. All lifeguards and other aquatics personnel will be provided by YMCA Camp Cullen.
  • Flammable Liquids/Fuels – YMCA Camp Cullen has a strict policy on the usage and storage of flammable liquids/fuels. Any group requiring the use of such must obtain permission from the YMCA Camp Cullen Office prior to arrival. YMCA Camp Cullen will not provide these materials. However, firewood is available around camp for your collection. Groups using flammable liquids/fuels should follow these procedures: 
    • Receive permission from the YMCA Camp Cullen Office prior to arrival. 
    • All containers should be labelled as “Dangerous & Flammable”. 
    • All containers should be childproof and kept locked up until use. 
    • Under no circumstances should containers be placed beside or inside any building or on trails. 
    • All containers should be properly disposed of after use.
  • Multiple Guests - Multiple guests and rental groups may be on site at any given time. Please remember to be courteous and respectful of their presence.
  • Trash – Trash must be kept in trash containers with the lid on. If trash contains food, food wrappers, or anything that could attract ants, you must remove the trash to the dumpster located behind the Mabee Lodge.

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